February 12, 2021


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Security expert – 24T24 – Czech television says Russia is the best at expelling ambassadors

Echoes of unrest in the streets of Russian cities began to rise in the diplomatic corridors. In addition to the repression of the homeland of citizens protesting the release of Alexei Navalny, the hand of the Russian government fell on the three European countries. During the visit of Joseph Boral, Moscow decided to expel a German, Polish and Swedish ambassador.

Key European leaders responded immediately. “This is another aspect of what we are currently experiencing in Russia, far removed from the rule of law,” said German Chancellor Angela Merkel. “I do not think political tensions, no matter how internal, can be resolved this way,” French President Emmanuel Macron told the Kremlin.

However, in connection with Russia’s actions, tensions are often resolved by expelling diplomats. “This is an excellent part of Russia’s foreign policy. The whole thing has already developed during the Soviet era.

According to him, the Russian side always exits the opposite side as much as possible: “It shows that it knows the situation of the embassy.”

The Czech Republic sought to expel foreign diplomats in June last year. Fearing an attack, Travic declared two members of the Russian diplomatic corps undesirable. Moscow did not respond to the move, giving the two Czech diplomats the status of undesirable person and consequently the obligation to leave the country.

The Scribble case triggered an avalanche of deportations

But this is only one episode compared to the tension that erupted two years ago after an attempt to poison former Russian agent Sergei Skribal and his daughter in Salisbury, England. In response to the attack, nearly 150 Russian ambassadors from more than 20 Western countries, including the Czech Republic, were deported and three representatives of the Russian Federation were deported.

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In this case, Russia responded by expelling the same number of diplomats from countries affiliated with this type of diplomatic sanction. “Russia is isolating itself after a shameless chemical attack,” US State Department spokeswoman Heather Nord responded to Moscow’s decision.

The United States and Russia play a key role in mutual control. These were won by Donald Trump and his Republican Party ruled Congress. Lawmakers have adopted new sanctions against Russia, which the president has confirmed. In response, Moscow announced the expulsion of hundreds of US ambassadors and support staff.