February 12, 2021


Africa & Middle East

The revived Tesla may have a problem in Europe. Crazy steering is not surprisingly affected

The facelift of the Model S and Model X comes with the right lift, mainly due to the crazy steering. However, this does not have to be a problem like a game console in European markets.

The arrival of the revived Tesla Model S and Model X cars did not go without storm reactions. At the moment, the number one title is the controversial non-circular steering, which can be charged extra instead of the traditional one. After the performance, outside the United States, such a solution would be unfortunate because it does not meet security requirements.

But now at least in Europe, it seems that steering will not be such an issue. According to the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe, there are rules that determine how a car’s steering and its accessories work, but it does not specify the steering wheel shape. In practice, this means that Tesla can theoretically offer this solution in our country as well.


Paradoxically, another innovation in the interior of revamped cars, namely the Tesla arcade game console, is of great interest. This device allows you to control the center screen of a multimedia system with a wireless controller from anywhere in the car. At the same time, people can play while driving, which is not subject to current regulations.

“By law, drivers can only use the screen to view information about the vehicle, the condition of the vehicle or its equipment. Visible footage from the driver’s seat may not be used for any other purpose.” The British Ministry of Transport explains that similar rules apply in Europe. Of course, this can be solved so that the games in the car only work when the vehicle is not moving.

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