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கசடு.  Will Bederson take GKM to victory?  In Leszno, they count Kołodziej

கசடு. Will Bederson take GKM to victory? In Leszno, they count Kołodziej

GKM faces a very difficult challenge. The Grudziadz players have lost the last four matches and now face second-placed Unia Lesno in the league table. Hosts will be strengthened by Nicki Pederson returning after injury.

Pokumil Bursik

Nicky Peterson

WP SportoweFakty / Jakub Janecki / In Photo: Nicki Pederson

ZOOleszcz GKM Grudziądz has been going through some tough times in recent weeks. Janusz Ślączek’s players started the season in great style, and after two rounds they took the lead. Unfortunately, the next matches are brutally testing their potential. The Grudziądz Citizens lost four consecutive games, two of which ended in real assassinations. Now a lot of hard work awaits them because the audience is very solid this season.

At this year’s competition, Leszno residents received only one slip-up so far. He met them overseas with Moto Lublin, which was very painful because the Bulls lost 32:58 and practically failed throughout the game. The coach of the team, Piotr Baron, took responsibility for the defeat and promised that he would instruct the players to go one way with completely wrong gear ratios.

As always, it all depends on Peterson

It is no secret that GKM Grudziądz’s main argument was Nicki Pederson. Dan has been a strength of the Grudziądz team for many years, for example, as he proved by amassing 17 points in the lost derby with Toruń, its greatest asset. However, he was injured in the Danish league, which weakened his team, which was helpless in Chestnut (25:65). Now Pedersen is back on track and without his good mood, Grudziadz players can not believe in victory.

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Paulicki should remember the start of the season. GKM also counts caspress

The start of Przemysław Pawlicki’s season was impressive and sparked the confidence of Grudziądz fans. The responsibility of the union from Lesno was to remember his best years and seemed to be the real team leader in this year’s tournament. However, Pavliki soon reduced the number of flights, and the competition was worse and worse. Krzysztof Kasprzak also rides equally. Both GKM riders need to score solidly, after all, winning starts, which has been different lately. Then Grudziądz can set difficult conditions for the audience.

Will Professor Kołodziej show his class again?

If the pre-season negotiations of the experts are true, Phoco Union Lesno will definitely not be second on the table this time around. The issue is exacerbated by the excellent approach of Janusz Kołodziej, PGE Extralica’s second best player. If he ruthlessly turns around the set again on the track, he can put GKM Grudziądz against the wall.

The partnership of this meeting will be the property of the Union

The strength of the union comes from the fact that the people of Lesno do not have weak points on their teams and they have been a real team on track since the start of the season. Riding with a clear leader (Kołodziej) brings all the other competitors valuable points to the bulls. David Bellego has been playing exceptionally well since the start of this year’s league. Jaimon Litsey, who was a little tired at the start of the season, also wakes up recently, which he slowly forgets.

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However, runner-up is second place, and Doyle rarely has blueprints

If the union returns to its status quo this year, guests will leave Grudziądz with a shield, unless GKM creates a spectacular rush. The Hazelians simply have more arguments and now they seem to have a stronger, more group. One of the pillars of the team, Jason Doyle, amassed only three points with two bonuses, but their last match against Abador at the Doron home track was an example. It’s hard for pigeons to recount a scene like this, because the former world champion is not often disappointed.

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Will GKM succeed with the union?

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