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1 test win in Waldhof Mannheim

Meet newcomer Philip Tetz and captain Fabian Holland, winger Brydon Manu faces a shocking moment. The dress rehearsal will take place before the start of the second division on Wednesday.

Captain and coach among themselves: Fabian Holland (left) and Torsten Liberknecht.
(Photo: Jan Hubner)

Mannheim – Second division team SV Darmstadt 98 won a non-public test match against third division Waldhof Mannheim at Karl Benz Stadium there with 2:1 (0:0). The goals of the lilies were scored by Philip Tetz (49) and Fabian Holland (85), while the Mannheim team advanced through Gerrit Golki (48). There was a shocking moment 70 minutes later: Brydon Manu was forced to leave the field injured six minutes after coming on as a substitute after being kicked by Marijan Cava.

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The Lilies will take the final test before the first-division match against Jan Regensburg on 24 July on Wednesday (14) from 3 pm at FC Stuttgart, after which 2,000 spectators will be accepted at the Robert Schlenz Arena.
Lilien Torsten Lieberknecht coach Lilien sent five new players onto the field at the start of the live test match. The central defense was formed by Jannik Müller and Lasse Sobiech, while Benjamin Goller tried to speed up the pace of play on the right wing. After 24 minutes he almost made the score 1-0, but Waldhof goalkeeper Timo Koenigsmann saved his shot. Amir Karic and striker Luca Pfeiffer were also used at the start of the match. It was clearly noticeable for the latter that after only a few days in Darmstadt the bond was still missing – and he also had to work on his graduation. His header flew from a promising distance above the goal (14).

lily assortment

Shoes (46 Behrens) – Bader, Sobiech, J. Müller, Holland – P. Pfeiffer (46 Stanilewicz) – Goller (86th Riedel), Schnellhardt (46th Kembe), Karic, Berko (64th Manu, 70th Century) Arslan) – L Pfeiffer (46. Titz).

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After the break, new players Morten Burns (Goal) and Philip Teitz (Storm) also entered. SV 98 slipped: Gerrit Golki’s header fell after a corner kick in the goal of Leylin (48). Not long after the equaliser: Tietze scored Mannheim’s goal after 60 seconds. SV newcomer Wehen Wiesbaden missed even more chances. After the shock of Manu (70), the supporters of Arslan, for whom he came, missed a good chance (74). In the end, it was left to captain Fabian Holland to score the winning goal: his flying shot was untenable (84th).

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