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30, Adele’s new album is a marvel

Modern makeover, jazz and fresh soul atmosphere, natural sound… The English singer turns to evoke her divorce, her role as a mother and her thirst for freedom. “30” is coming out on Friday the 19th. We’ve listened to it and it’s great.

Adele will release her new album 30 on Friday, November 19.

« I take flowers to the grave of my heart. This is how Adele opens her new album “30” which will be released on Friday, November 19th. The first of the twelve songs on this recording was called Strangers by nature. Adele, who is back after six years of discographic silence (album 25 in 2015), shows off her natural talent in this soulful song with soft jazz touches that awaken the ghosts of models Sarah Vaughan and Nina Simone. We couldn’t ask for a better introduction.

rare and precious

Written by Adele and produced by a large group of collaborators (American Greg Kurstein, Swedish songwriters Max Martin and Shellback and Ludwig Goranson, British producer Inflo), “30” is the English singer’s most versatile album. There’s jazz, soul, blues, a touch of reggae, pop to cry, pop to dance, and gospel. It’s an album where there’s nothing to get rid of. It’s an album of no less than five huge radio songs (Easy on me, can I have it, I drink wine, woman like me, love is a game), can be played from the first track to the last. And listen again, each time, with the certainty of finding new and inexhaustible sources of pleasure. secured fund. Modern and timeless record. A rare and precious record.

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poem for his son

After the jazz club atmosphere Strangers by nature The bachelorette easy for me Which you all already know, Adele launches into a wonderful poem by her 9-year-old son Angelo in my little love. We hear Angelou’s voice and Adele ends this song with a spoken word explaining her relationship with her son and her new role as a mother. All this, and it’s another surprise, with some clean strings and an electric taste. We think a lot about walking by By Bert Bacharach Reviewed and corrected by Isaac Hayes. employment cry from your heartIt’s an R&B rhythm paired with a reggae groove. On the back of a member, Adele sings in her quest for freedom and her frailty. A poignant title recalling his admiration for Lauren Hill from “The Miseducation Of”.

woman like me

Want to go to the dance floor? So, dive in My God, medium percussion pearl with gospel sound, sparkling chorus and stirring tone. change the atmosphere with can i have it Which is performed by an acoustic guitar and followed by a delicious pop chorus. On Jazz / Blues drink wine And Amy Winehouse All night parkingAdele expected two exceptional voiceover performances. Even more impressive, it never gives the impression that it is forcing itself. Provided by the strongest text on the album, the poem woman like me Triggers, for her, her divorce from Simon Konecki. It is clear that she is the one who left. “You’ve never had a wife like me before. It’s sad for a man like you…” he repeated. Atmosphere and atmosphere. We also fall into an escalation Wait, to be loved And his intoxicating conclusion, which will undoubtedly end his concerts. final blast of “30”, Love is a game It comes in music hall mode, just to finish us off. In “30”, Adele doesn’t sing like everyone else but she addresses everyone. The acoustic pop is far, far, above the fight.

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Adele, 30, Melted Stone / Columbia

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