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A clear victory for Taylor Green – criticizes the ‘Vampire Establishment’

The Republican primary in Georgia’s 14th district was not exciting at all. With 69 percent of the vote, it will be Marjorie Taylor Green who will defend her seat in the US House of Representatives in November.

Taylor Greene, who is on the fringes of the party, has made famous through a series of controversial statements. Among other things, she compared requirements for oral protection during the pandemic to the Holocaust and said the Democrats are a party that “wants to kill babies until birth.”

She was voted into Congress in the 2020 election, but had to leave the committees she was on as early as 2021 because of her proposals.

Although there is criticism He remains a huge supporter of Taylor Green among her followers. This is especially true for her campaign donations. Before the primaries, it raised the equivalent of 90 million crowns – one of the highest amounts among members of Congress, she wrote. AP.

After winning yesterday’s primaries, the congressman appears ready to continue on the path he set out. In her victory speech, she again claimed that Donald Trump lost the 2020 presidential election due to vote fraud and said Joe Biden should be nominated to the Supreme Court.

But she also criticized her party, calling Senator Mitch McConnell one of the “failed leaders” in Congress, while lobbying hard for the capital’s political establishment.

– She said, it was we who set the political agenda for the next decade, not them.

In the spring I tried A group of voters with political opponents of Taylor Green barred her from running for re-election. They cited an amendment to the US Constitution that prohibited “insurgents” from holding public office – and argued that Taylor Greene was covered by the law through his actions during the storming of the Capitol.

The case was considered, but the judge later dismissed the charges.

In November, Taylor will now face Democratic challenger Marcus Flowers as the district elects its representative to the House of Representatives.