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A large mummy factory was discovered in Egypt

Egypt is investing in boosting tourism, and archaeologists have recently made several discoveries at Saqqara, a large ancient burial site about 30 kilometers from the capital, Cairo.

He said on Saturday Mustafa Waziri on the discovery of two large mummification workshops dating back to the Thirtieth Dynasty (380-343 BC) and the Ptolemaic (305-30 BC).

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These finds are the result of a year-long excavation near the shrine of the goddess Bastet, which includes tombs of mummified cats in Saqqara.

– We found one mummification workshop for humans and one for animals. “We found all the tools they used in ancient times,” Waziri told Reuters.

Stone beds, crockery and utensils were found in the workrooms – but also the main ingredients for embalming fluids, and the linens in which the bodies were wrapped.

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Photo: Abeer Ahmed/T

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During the excavation, two smaller tombs were also found where two priests were buried.

In the last years Egypt has carried out large-scale excavation projects at Saqqara and other archaeological sites.

Egypt has high hopes that the ancient finds will attract foreign visitors. Tourism has been hit hard by the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and the conflict in Ukraine.

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