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A League Of Legends player arrested by a policeman while on vacation in an internet café – Marseilia News

Suspect arrested while playing League of Legends in Internet cafe

Last week, in the Chinese city of Chongqing, the best League of Legends player was introduced to the audience through loudspeakers in an internet café. Of the people who ran through his screen to check for a policeman on vacation, … I thought the player looked a lot like the suspect.

According to this story on Baijiahao, rookie policeman Zhang Yihao was at an internet cafe last week with his co-workers when he had to take a bathroom break. On his way home, the cafe announced the presence of the challenger – which is very common in China – and so he glanced at the ranked player.

Soon realizing that the player matches the description of the situation that Yihao was reported to a few days ago, he took a picture, examined the man’s appearance, confirmed that he was the suspect and then informed the police on duty, who quickly joined forces with Yihao and his friends to arrest the player.

I realize this is a very strange series of words to read together at the same time, so here are snapshots of everything going on from the initial location to the photos to the arrest:

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