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A new trailer for Space Jam 2: What mission will LeBron James have to accomplish in the film’s plot?

A new trailer for Space Jam 2: What mission will LeBron James have to accomplish in the film’s plot?

New trailer for Space Jam 2

25 years after the premiere of the original movie that became an icon with the protagonist of the NBA legend Michael Jordan, The Looney Tunes Back to the scene in the sequel to crowded place from the hand LeBron James. With just over a month to go until the premiere of the new sequel, new images of the plot have been announced in which the lead actor who is considered the best player in the best basketball league in the world in recent times will be.

According to a video that is only 2 minutes long and went viral, It will be LeBron who will turn to historical cartoons to save his son Who will be the character? Don Cheadle, known for his performance in the epic Avengers from Marvel, and that he will play an artificial intelligence character known as AI-G . Rhythm.

In addition, in the clip you can also learn how to do it James travels from the real world to the planet Looney Tunes and then gets sucked into a virtual space where the graphics will take on a 3D format. Moreover, in the shipment, the actor Cheadle himself in the game preview indicates that the LeBron team will play against him Goon That if the NBA star team loses, the historical graphics of Warner Bros. It will be deleted.

LeBron with Daffy Duck during the game that will be an essential part of the movie’s plot

The team that will try to defeat the Los Angeles Lakers will be the hostile group similar to the one that formed Monsters In the first movie as Jordan. The quintet will be represented by NBA stars such as Anthony DavisJames, partner in Angelina’s franchise, Klay Thompson (Golden State Warriors) LLC Damian Lillard (Portland Trail Blazers), as well as one of the best basketball players in women’s basketball history and a figure in the WNBA as the American of Argentine parents. Diana Taurasi.

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As happened in the first shipment characters like Bugs Builder, The lucas duck (He will take on the role of coach for Team LeBron), WoodpeckerAnd the lola builder, The American wolf – CoyoteAnd the sylvesterAnd the Porky And the rest of the first batch champions will once again be the players who will share the field with the most valuable player in the NBA.

It’s important to remember that the movie was filmed in mid-2019. Once the Lakers couldn’t qualify for the playoffs that season, the former Cleveland Cavaliers and Miami Heat player took advantage of the free time to train at the home of Jimmy Goldstein, a huge fan of the California franchise and the league, and his Residence in Beverly Hills. The mansion, which was built in 1963, is very famous in the United States as it served as the filming location for many Hollywood films such as Charlie’s Angels s The Big Lebowski, among other things.

James with Looney Tunes
James with Looney Tunes

The big mystery is whether this sequel will also be a box office success, as the original film made over $200 million when it had the legendary number 23 from the Chicago Bulls as a star artist and who knows, maybe it will come back to be so in some scenes. On July 16, it will be premiering in theaters in the United States And on the digital platform HBO Max.

In recent weeks it was actor Don Cheadle himself who gave indications of this Jordan will have his spot in Space Jam 2. In an interview with Access Hollywood, the protagonist said HM will be part of the shoot, though he didn’t say how the five-time NBA player would be named the NBA Most Valuable Player. “It won’t be the way most fans expect it to be.”Cheadle’s short words were when commentators on the show’s show consulted her.

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