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A person has been stung by killer bees 20,000 times

Last Friday, twenty-year-old Austin Bellamy from Ohio climbed a lemon tree to cut some branches at the top of the tree. Shortly thereafter, he discovered that he had accidentally cut down a nest of the so-called killer bee, a cross between African and Brazilian bees.

When he realized what he had done, he tried to go down, but since he was tied to the tree and was attacked by several bees at the same time, it became very difficult.

– When he began to cut, the bees came out and tried to separate themselves from the tree, but could not. His grandmother Phyllis Edwards told the Guardian he was screaming, help me, help me, help me and no one could help him.

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He was taken to the hospital

His family tried to do everything they could to help him, but they were allegedly attacked by bees when they tried to climb the tree.

Moments later, an ambulance and emergency services arrived at the scene, and I quickly made the decision to cut him off the tree.

– He was covered in bees and was crying and crying for help. It was too much for me to take in. His mother, Shauna Carter, said he appeared to be wearing a black blanket over his head that reached to his neck and arms.

Austin had to be taken to the hospital by ambulance helicopter, and when he got to the hospital the doctors discovered he had swallowed 30 bees. He was sedated and should have woken up again on Wednesday, and according to doctors he is expected to be healthy again.

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