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Adam Navaska’s strong words about Jacek Koralsky!

The Polish national team may celebrate their promotion to the World Championships in Qatar. On Tuesday evening Biało-Czerwoni qualified and beat Sweden 2-0, although sometimes they have to admit they are lucky. Jacek Koralsky, who was criticized by our team’s former coach Adam Navaska, may have been removed from the field for a brutal mistake.

Koralsky treated his opponent very harshly at the end of the first half. Despite the opinion of many experts that an experienced defensive midfielder may have been sent off for this reckless game, he received a yellow card for a mistake. It was noticed by coach Cheslav Michnevich that he decided not to release Koralsky in the second half and was replaced by Kreskors Kryzhovyak.

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Koralsky’s dangerous play did not escape the attention of Adam Navaska, who spoke strong words about our representative in an interview for WP Sportowe Fakt.

– Playing Jack is very dangerous. Football aggression understood in a positive sense is his property, but at this level you have to control the emotions. It cannot be weakened. Well, in a situation where the judge thinks to show a red card even for a moment. Jacek had to think. It is important to be mentally prepared for the competition. For me, Koralsky’s attack was not a red card, but the referee may have seen it differently – Navaska said.

Navaska also won a promotion to the World Cup with the Polish national team. In 2018, in Russia, our players did not leave the team, and after the World Cup, the interested person decided to leave the team himself.

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