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ADATA XPG features a new track record for DDR5 overclocking

ADATA XPG features a new track record for DDR5 overclocking

The launch of the new Intel platform, which will introduce support for DDR5 RAM, is approaching with bigger and bigger strides. However, ADATA does not intend to wait for the official premiere of the equipment and is already proud of new overclocking records.

Remember when we recently wrote about the history of DDR5 memory overclocking? Then, the mysterious overclocker managed to bump up the Gigabyte Aorus modules to 8008MHz. It turns out that the XPG Overclocking Lab (XOCL) team managed to get better results in overclocking the DDR5 RAM dice.

ADATA boasts a track record of overclocking DDR5

The Taiwanese manufacturer boasted two ADATA XPG overclocking records (16GB 4800MHz). True, the details of the platform used here are not disclosed, but they were most likely acquired during excessive overclocking with liquid nitrogen in the main role. Regular users may forget about such watches (at least for now).

The first record is 8104MHz with a latency of 52-52-52-96 – the platform was most likely the Gigabyte Z690 Aorus Tachyon motherboard (the same number used for overclocking the Gigabyte Aorus bones).

ADATA XPG - 8117MHz DDR5 Overclocking Record

The second result was better – here the clock speed was about 8118MHz with delays of 50-50-50-160. This time, most likely, an MSI MEG Z690 Unify-X motherboard was used (as indicated by the brand of LPCIO controller used – currently MSI uses only Winbond systems).

Are the results of XOCL overclocking impressive? Quoting the classic: Well, on average I will say. We were able to break the (unofficial) record for the Gigabyte Aorus, but with reference to the capabilities of the DDR4 modules, we’re probably hoping for something more. Perhaps the next generation of DDR5 memory will show better OC capabilities.

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Source: ADATA, INF. King