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“Addie lived in acting and was in touch with a large part of the team”

Marek Mutica and Adam Nawaoka for many years represented Wisla Krakow’s colors together and scored several joint appearances in the Polish national team. Subsequently, they worked simultaneously in Piazza Guayesda at the beginning of the XXI century. Motyka believes that Nawałka is currently the best candidate to take over the Polish team ahead of the play-offs for promotion to the World Cup in Qatar.

– Until recently Adam was leading the acting and was achieving goals during his tenure. Although we did not do well in the World Cup in Russia, it is difficult to consider it a big hoax. Perhaps Ada made mistakes, but he realized them and analyzed them – says Motyka.

– The last time the Polish Football Association allowed him to quit his job. After the World Cup in Russia, an “overload” would likely have occurred. It may have been observed that a different person is needed to create a new impetus. However, today, after three years of separating from acting, Aday has definitely done some sort of conscience check. He knows what he did right and what he did wrong. He’s richer about these experiences. In my opinion, it may pay off – confirms the former Polish actor.

– Despite the fact that Adam has not worked recently, it seems to me that he lived with this team all the time. Watch and analyze matches. He is closely related to some players in the national team. Hiring Adam would be the best option with such a short match time. This solution gives the best chance of being the coach in the first matches on the same wavelength with the team. It is reported that Mishaw Proppers is the second candidate for the position of the selector.

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