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After her 20th victory, Leah broke down in tears thinking about her sick father (video)

a hero ” Don’t forget the words For ten days, ya He finally took his 20th win on Saturday, June 26, becoming the 31st greatest maestro in the history of the show. And so the young woman added 10,000 euros to the lively jackpot, where she had already collected 119,000 euros in winnings. At the end of the show, she was clearly influenced by this new trend, wanted to talk, and showed great generosity. ” I would like to say something. Thanks already. I am very happy and think very hard about my father because there are beautiful things in life and sometimes there are more difficult things. Her family with tears in her eyes before she announced a kind gesture. I would like to give €10,000 this evening to the Institut Curie in Paris, which has been treating my father for three years Surprised by her confidence and gesture, Nagoi wished to underscore the candidate’s generosity: It’s great because plus you know this money is going to be used by others and you think about everyone who needs it. It’s gorgeous, it’s full of passion and love. »

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So it’s a nice spin that Léa gives us, for what is, in fact, her second France 2 participation. The singer and actress had already tried her luck in 2019, to no avail, failing to win the small money during “one part only”. Believing in her chances to shine, she finally returned to acting, last January, after enhancing her musical knowledge: “For two years, especially confinement, I was able to learn nearly 600 songs”