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Alphabet-designed robots will clean Google offices in the US

Robots equipped with wheels and a multi-purpose arm designed by Google subsidiary Alphabet will now begin cleaning some of the company’s offices. Photo: EFE/EPA/JOHN G. MABANGLO.

San Francisco, November 19 (EFE). Robots equipped with wheels and a multi-purpose arm designed by Google’s parent company, Alphabet, will now begin cleaning some of the Internet search engine’s offices in the United States, the company said. Friday.

The robots, created by Alphabet’s Everyday Robots division, will perform tasks such as cleaning tables, sorting trash for recycling, putting chairs in place and opening doors, said Hans-Peter Brondmo, Alphabet’s head of robotics.

A fleet of over a hundred daily robots currently operates in the offices of this Alphabet division carrying out tasks of various kinds, but now they will continue to do so at Google, which is much larger with a presence in various points in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Robots that move autonomously and perform human service tasks such as serving tables in restaurants or delivering food at home are becoming increasingly common and there are already many companies dedicated to manufacturing and selling them to other businesses and individuals.

Alphabet is headquartered in the town of Mountain View (an hour’s drive south of San Francisco), where more than 20,000 of its employees work, although the vast majority have continued to do so from their homes since the COVID pandemic was declared. -19 last year.

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