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Amazon destroys millions of products that are returned or not sold

Have you ever received a product sold or shipped by Amazon that gives you the impression that it has already been used? Probably not, as a report from ITV News She revealed that Amazon destroys millions of products annually that customers return or don’t buy

This is not an unknown practice. On more than one occasion, Greenpeace has asked Amazon to stop destroying products, as this only serves to generate more rubbish and pollution.

In May of this year Environmentalists in this organization stated that one of its members who worked as an employee at Amazon witnessed how millions of products were sent to destruction stations.

In 2019, Greenpeace also reported that about a third of goods returned by customers in Germany were not put up for sale again, but were destroyed.

According to ITV News research, in the UK, the company is destroying millions of products that customers return. The information was obtained after interviewing an employee who identified himself under the pseudonym “Peter” to keep his identity anonymous and to be able to report this practice.

An Amazon employee, in a video, showed that the company destroyed all kinds of merchandise, from electronic equipment to clothing, books, and beauty products.

Remarkably, Peter argues that many of these products can be redistributed because they are in perfect condition, and many are in fact new because they are stocked in warehouses that are not sold, without which the company decided to destroy them rather than put them back into circulation.

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In one of the screenshots Peter shared, it was noted that the number of products to be destroyed in one load is 124,000 items. ITV News followed one of the trucks carrying those products, which was said to have been paused and without a single product left in the recycling center, however, they dumped all the electronic products into the landfill.

Why are returned and unsold products destroyed?

Selling on Amazon has advantages and disadvantages. The company charges companies to keep their products in their warehouse so that they can be shipped within the first 24 to 48 hours after purchase.

in 2019 Daily Mail interview To an employee of a company that sold its products on Amazon France, who revealed that Jeff Bezos had charged his company 20 euros (491 Mexican pesos at the exchange rate) to return products that customers had returned or not sold. He paid 14 cents (3.44 Mexican pesos) to destroy it.

In the end, sellers have two options, pay to keep the goods in warehouses, ask for them to be returned, or give Amazon much less money to destroy them.

According to the same medium, Amazon charges sellers in France about 26 euros per month per square meter of space in their warehouses to store their products.

What does Amazon say about it?

John Pomfrey, an Amazon employee, told ITV News that the company destroys returned products, but that the amount is too small.

Unocero contacted Amazon Mexico to find out all the details about the policy to be followed in Mexico regarding unsold or returned products. We will update when we have more information.

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