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Aus dem Bücher-Versand ins Weltall: Jeff Bezos gibt am Montag die Leitung von Amazon ab - er hatte das Unternehmen vor 27 Jahren als Bücher-Versand gegründet. Sein nächstes Ziel - das Weltall: Am 20. Juli will er mit seinem Raumfahrtunternehmen Blue…

Amazon founder Bezos is stepping down from management

Bezos will likely have a decisive influence on the group’s future as chairman of the board. Exactly 27 years after founding Amazon, he handed the position to longtime comrade Andy Gacy, who previously headed the thriving cloud division.

On July 5, 1994, Jeff Bezos and his then wife Mackenzie opened an online bookstore in a garage near Seattle. This resulted in the creation of one of the largest, most valuable and most powerful companies in the world: Amazon. Bezos has run the company ever since. The company employs more than one million people worldwide.

This is now over. The 57-year-old says he wants to devote himself more to other projects in the future, such as his space company Blue Origin. On July 20, he plans to personally participate in the company’s first manned flight into space. The richest person in the world wants to take his brother and an 82-year-old former American pilot on their first space flight.

He is vying for the first space flight of British billionaire Richard Branson, who, with the help of his space company Virgin Galactic, wants to take civilians into space on July 11. Tesla boss Elon Musk’s company plans to launch its first flight with space tourists by the end of the year. It is not yet known that Musk wants to be on the plane himself.

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