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AMD Ryzen 5 5600X

AMD’s offering will be enriched by cheaper AMD Ryzen 4000 processors

The latest information indicates that Perhaps AMD is preparing a “premium” series of AMD Ryzen 4000 desktop processors, which should be based on an older architecture. As a result, their production costs should be lower, as well as the suggested retail prices.

AMD Ryzen 4000 – New, cheaper processors are coming to complement Red’s offering

The current generation of AMD Ryzen 5000 chips is based on the Zen 3 core architecture and produced in a 7nm lithographic process. The previous version – Ryzen 3000, despite the same production process, uses the old architecture, Zen 2. The same is true for Ryzen 4000 series desktop and mobile processors – they have 2 Zen cores on board.

AMD Ryzen 5000 (źródło: AMD)

It’s worth noting that systems codenamed Renoir (Ryzen 4000) are only implemented in off-the-shelf OEM PC kits, so we won’t buy them in the box version. As it turned out, the manufacturer can prepare updated Renoir-X processors, which will be devoid of additional integrated graphics. They are supposed to be cheaper alternatives to the top Ryzen 5000 and will most likely replace the Ryzen 3000 series.

Unofficial information indicates that there are three chipsets – AMD Ryzen 7 4700, 5 4600 and 3 4300. Below is a table with the specifications of the upcoming processors.

Model Number of cores, threads temporary memory timing TDP
Ryzen 7 4700 8/16, Zen 2 4 MB L2, 8 MB L3 3,6 ~ 4,4 GHz 65 watts
Ryzen 5 4600 6/12, Zen 2 3 MB L2, 8 MB L3 3.6 ~ 4.1 GHz 65 watts
Ryzen 3 4300 4/8, Zen 2 2 MB L2, 4 MB L3 3.8~4GHz 65 watts

These are slightly improved chipsets from the 3000 series, but they differ in the timing of the base clocks. It should be noted that the specifications of the above-mentioned AMD Ryzen Renoir-X processors have not been confirmed in any way, and this information was provided by the user of the Chinese portal Bilibili. According to the informant, the systems should also be compatible with budget motherboards based on the A320 chipset.

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Its profitability will depend on how it is evaluated. Given that it is based on an outdated architecture, it can turn out to be very attractive proposals – also taking into account the competition in the form of cheap Intel Alder Lake processors.

At CES 2022 last, there was no mention of the AMD Ryzen series CPU, codenamed Renoir-X, However, they may first be shown before the upcoming Ryzen 7000, compatible with the AM5 socket.

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