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Android: Google wants to push apps for tablets and foldable devices – rankings will be adjusted in the Google Play Store


With Android 12 for For the first time in many years, Google has an operating system in its portfolio that has been optimized specifically for tablets and is meant to give devices with large screens more options. It has now been announced that the Google Play Store will also take this form factor into account in the future: on tablets, apps optimized for large displays in particular should be suggested and ranked highly.

Ambient mode tablet for Google Assistant

After many years of near-total ignorance, Google sees great potential in tablets again, and only recently announced the first slogan for tablets, which looks like it will live on very actively: Google will not only improve its own applications for tablets, which has not happened much . away, but also all other app developers should think about how to make better use of large surfaces.

Tablet apps rank higher
Some changes will be made in the Google Play Store over the next few months to recommend suitable apps for foldable and tablet users. To arrange applications, target device class and implement New Tablet Rules It is of great importance. Smartphone apps can still be installed on the tablet, but they will only be found at the bottom of the search results.

So those who are already optimizing their apps for tablets could receive much more traffic in the future from developers, who will continue to see only bloated smartphones in tablets in the future. A new mood may break out for gold prospectors, but you should be there very early.

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android google play console

Play Store editors focus on tablets
The Google Play Store team wants to expand the editing area and also recommend tablet apps in the future. Specifically, it’s about focusing on apps optimized for larger displays. Of course only on devices with such a screen.

Ratings are separated by device categories
The new focus on tablets, foldables and devices with large screens will also be reflected in the ratings: in the future, users will be able to filter ratings and reviews by device type. This was necessary before, but now it is finally being served. Because some apps may look completely different or contain errors depending on the device used or screen size.

Phone, tablet, Chromebook, car, TV, and smartwatch categories will be available in the future. All changes to tablets and foldables will be rolling out to the Google Play Store over the next few months.

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