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Ann Sinclair “in the grip” of DSK? She explained that she had “difficulty in disagreeing” with those close to her

at compound past (Grasset), journalist Anne Sinclair looks back at her career as a journalist and her personal life.

“I always said I wouldn’t write my memoirs.” Journalist Anne Sinclair, known for her famous political interviews on the show 7 of 7 On TF1, book, in language compound past (Grasset), the story of his private and professional life.

Guest 22 hours max On Monday evening, she assured us that she found the exercise “a little pointless” and “narcissistic.” But when she saw her old performances, she decided to release them “to bear witness to the political climate, history and moment.” But showcasing his journalistic career couldn’t be done without more personal anecdotes.

“I wanted to expand and talk about my whole life,” she said. “If I were talking about my childhood, I would also talk about important events.” Including the Dominique Strauss-Kahn case, to which she dedicated 40 pages out of 400, without telling us all the details: “I don’t intend to tell everything, personal book you don’t have to tell everything. You have to be honest and tell the truth. There’s still Part of what belongs to me. Go beyond what I say in the book.”

“I trust easily”

In her memoirs of DSK’s betrayals, the political interviewer wrote: “I knew nothing. I didn’t want to be seen and bathed in denial.” She asserts, on Monday evening, that she had to “try to explain what to do [elle] Now it seems unlikely.”

“That means, how can you really not see. […] I trust easily, I am a passionate and naive person who loves life. She even said I was rejected and there I was seriously.”

When she says, also in her book, that she was “under the influence,” she assures us in our group that this sentence is completely unrelated to her ex-husband and his infidelities:

“We’ve brought the two together. It’s an interesting media acronym, but I’ve been talking about a relationship I’ve had for 20 years, a personality trait I have that has been associated with the relationship I have with my mother. I had a hard time disagreeing with the people who were dear to me, and whom I love. That’s with my kids, my parents, and my partner. But it has nothing to do with this episode. It’s a personal act that I hope freed myself from today.”

Anne Sinclair assures him anyway: She could have decided “not to write” her memoirs. Without “Covid, confinement, a moment of lethargy as we look back on our journey and our lives,” the political hub would surely not be subject to this intimate practice.