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Another clue to the caliph?

Another clue to the caliph?

In the past few weeks, rumors have persisted that Ubisoft Quebec is working on a successor to Immortals Fenyx Rising. The resume of a particular employee of Ubisoft is currently causing new speculations in this direction.

Even if it’s a really big hit Technically unsuccessfulDeveloped by Ubisoft Quebec, “Immortals Fenyx Rising” was one of the surprising successes of the 2020 video game.

Above all, the friendly story, lively game world and gameplay mechanics inspired by “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild” were able to impress players and critics alike. To the fans’ delight, indications that Ubisoft Quebec might be working on a successor to “Immortals Fenyx Rising” has increased recently.

Ubisoft’s André-Anne Boissafert’s biography is currently causing new speculation. Hidden here, as it was discovered, is a reference to a previously unannounced project that has been in development since April 2021.

Will the official announcement come in the next few months?

It is interesting in this context that Andrée-Anne Boisvert initially served as Associate Producer when working on Immortals Fenyx Rising and later rose to the position of Producer. He also previously worked as a co-producer on Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey and post-release RPG content. It certainly goes without saying that behind the unannounced project that Andrée-Anne Boisvert is working on according to his biography, he is suspected of being a successor to “Immortals Fenyx Rising”.

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Recently, insider Tom Henderson, who is considered a reliable source, sparked rumors of a possible sequel, which according to his information is currently in pre-production. Henderson also recently reported a big game show that Ubisoft will use to announce several new projects. Including a sequel to “Phoenix Immortal Rising”?

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Henderson’s comments have yet to be officially confirmed.

More news about the Immortal Phoenix Rise.

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