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Apple fixes issue that prevented Studio Display firmware update to iOS 15.4

Madrid 11 (Portaltic / EP)

Apple has fixed an issue that prevented new Studio Display owners from updating the “firmware” of this display to version 15.4, although it doesn’t solve the bug that was meant to be corrected with respect to the camera.

When trying to update the Studio Display, users of this screen received a message stating that “The Apple Studio Display firmware update could not be completed,” as detailed in an Apple Support Forum thread.

Apple has promised an update to fix a Studio Display webcam quality issue reported by its users, which explains the hype around the latest firmware available for the monitor.

The reason that prevented Apple Studio Display update is still unknown but it may be related to the withdrawal of IOS 15.4, as mentioned in the specialized Macworld.

Apple released iOS 15.4.1 on March 30th. On Friday, April 8, the company stopped allowing the registration of version 15.4 of its operating system. When this happens, it becomes unavailable and no device can install it. In this way, Demo Studio was able to install version 15.4 and was also unable to get 15.4.1.

The company fixed this issue on Sunday 10, when it went back to register version 15.4 allowing iOS and thus allowing Studio Display to install. To install also, you must have macOS Mac 12.3.1 version.

Confusion among Apple users

Pending resolution of the issue, users receiving the message also asked them to try again within an hour and if the issue is bothersome, “contact an Apple Authorized Service Provider.” According to users of the thread in the forum, if I restart the screen or connect to another Mac, the problem does not work.

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One thread user learns that this issue prevented him from installing the latest macOS (12.3.1) update, which includes solving certain security issues. To do it, he had to separate two Display Studio and connect your Mac to an LG monitor.

Another of them wonders if the problem is not really in the servers and not in the monitors themselves, because in his case he returned one when he saw that the cable was damaged, but until that point he had not registered any problem for the update.

Users on the MacRumors forum are also experiencing similar issues, and in some cases have asked Apple Support to bring in their screen to get it fixed.