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Apple publishes a list of new shortcuts - - the latest Apple news and discounts on iPhone, iPad and Mac

Apple publishes a list of new shortcuts – – the latest Apple news and discounts on iPhone, iPad and Mac

With iOS 15.4, Apple has also improved the Shortcuts app.

The big iOS update brought many innovations. Apple has now published a list detailing the changes made to the Shortcuts app in iOS 15.4 and macOS 12.3.

the list Currently only available in English. Here is the German version for you:


  • Notifications can now be turned off for automation (when Ask Before Play is turned off)
  • Added tag support in Add New Reminder, Find Reminders, and Edit Reminders
  • Get current webpage from Safari now supports getting details like name, page content, and selection on macOS
  • Play target setting now supports adding and removing play targets so you can play on multiple devices at the same time
  • Text translation and speech detection are now supported by Apple Translate
  • Photo Capture is now supported on macOS
  • Extracting text from image now supports all languages ​​that Live Text supports
  • End On and End Loop can now be dragged into the Shortcut Editor
  • Find and Filter actions have an improved design on macOS
  • Double-clicking an item in Select From List now selects the item and keeps it playing on macOS
  • On macOS, you can now add a shortcut to the Dock using the right-click menu in My Shortcuts
  • Text entry dialogs can now be exited using the ⌘ + Return key combination on macOS
  • The Save Output checkbox is now available in the shortcut details, making it easier to use shortcuts with the output
  • Action icons in the shortcut editor have an updated look
  • Automator quick actions can now be turned into shortcuts
  • Fewer privacy prompts appear, especially for shortcuts you create yourself
  • Gallery now includes a Share button when viewing a shortcut on macOS


  • Clicking the Delete button in Actions in the Shortcut Editor works more reliably on macOS
  • Text entry works more reliably in the shortcut editor
    Items can now be reliably rearranged in Choose from list
  • Improved shortcut editor user interface and reliability

Procedures and implementation

  • Run Shortcut is now faster and more reliable
  • Combine Images no longer creates blank images on macOS
  • Overlay Image now uses the coordinates pinned to the top right instead of the bottom left on macOS to match iOS behavior
  • Open URL no longer fails when played from Apple Watch
  • View in Calendar now supports showing dates on macOS, as well as calendar events
  • Editing calendar events on macOS no longer fails when adding attachments
  • Webpage view on macOS now includes Cancel and Done buttons
  • Send Message can now send photo attachments when launched from Siri
  • Open App can now play CarPlay-enabled apps in CarPlay
  • Volume adjustment now works on macOS when AirPods are connected
  • Send Mail now supports selecting From on macOS
  • Split Screen apps will stop working if the apps are not already open
  • Disk ejection no longer fails on macOS when ejecting an external drive
  • Deleting files no longer fails when deleting files in Dropbox
  • The Get My Home status function now provides more reliable results
  • Actions on the wall no longer shows unexpected keychain prompt on macOS
  • Auto sleep starts and bedtime now starts more reliably
  • The screen width and screen height options for the device detail variable now display the correct values
  • Converting text to PDF files now also works on macOS
  • Fixed issues where calendar-related actions could fail unexpectedly
  • Apps now regain focus correctly when exiting the shortcut dialog on macOS


  • The shortcut menu now loads faster in third-party apps on macOS, especially for users with a lot of shortcuts
  • Shortcuts Events, which provides scripting capabilities for Shortcuts on macOS, no longer needs to be opened manually before it can be used via scripts.
  • When retrieving shortcuts via AppleScript, the shortcuts are returned in user order instead of in alphabetical order
  • Other bug fixes and minor additions
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