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Arctic frost is coming!  Winter hits Poland.  How long will it take? [PROGNOZA POGODY] - Super Express

Arctic frost is coming! Winter hits Poland. How long will it take? [PROGNOZA POGODY] – Super Express

Author: mgorecki
Winter in Poland. Here is the second win!

Arctic ice strikes Poland. There has been a major change in the weather, with the second impact of winter this year. This week (December 20-24), the fog is increasing every day and covering new parts of the country. Thermometers go crazy! At night, we can even record -11 degrees Celsius, which translates significantly to road conditions. See the weather forecast on

Arctic ice to hit Poland! Winter is back, snow and … problems [prognoza pogody 20-24 grudnia]

Weather Forecast: Arctic ice is approaching Poland, which will completely change the weather light of the last few days. We are on the second strike of winter this year: it will be serious. IMWM Synaptics explains this week that the rise from the British Isles through the center of the continent to the Balkans will extend from the west to Poland. Arctic air masses flow into the country from the north, causing winter to return. What will the weather be like this week (December 20-24)?

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“Neo” is changing the weather in Poland fast! Massacre before Christmas. Be careful …

Weather Forecast: December 20-24. Winter is coming back to Poland

Michał Ogrodnik, IMGW Specialist, in an interview with PAP Arctic, return of frozen air He observed, among other things, the drivers. We already have snowfall on Monday (20/12/2021) (mostly in the Northeast), which lasts for most of the night in almost the entire country, and with temperatures dropping – from Monday to Tuesday — even 11 degrees Celsius — in the morning they cause major road difficulties.

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On Tuesday (21/12/2021) snow will appear all over Poland, including the western margins. Wednesday and Thursday (22-23 / 12/2021) are still snowing. The snow cover should reach 1 to 5 cm, and above 5 cm in places north and south.

IMGW Alerts So far, they cover most parts of the country, with a warning issued on Wednesday (22/12/2021) warning of frost. According to IMGW weather forecasters, the cold should come with us until Friday – that is, until Christmas Eve. It is difficult to estimate whether this year will be really winter and snow holidays, but so far – everything points to it.

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