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Are you a BBVA México user?  Patience, your services have flaws...again - El Financiero

Are you a BBVA México user? Patience, your services have flaws…again – El Financiero

BBVA Mexico reported on Monday that they have had intermittent periods in their services and that they are working to resolve problems as soon as possible.

The financial group apologized for the inconvenience after users’ reports on social media.

On October 31, clients of the lender reported a service failure, and on September 12 the company had outages in its service that lasted nearly 20 hours, affecting 20 million people.

Regarding the September 12 failures, BBVA reported that they were caused by an “internal error” made by the organization itself when initiating a system update process, which is why it announced that it would reward its users for the downfall of its system.

“What we had from dawn on Saturday to dawn on Sunday, they started doing some adjustments, planned and planned, between 1 and 3 am. All that was planned was to strengthen the technology services of the bank. It was done in September in order to strengthen it because At the end of the year the transactions are increasing, and what we wanted to do was prepare the bank for it, but the irony was this problem occurred, an error occurred in the updates, which was reversed on Sunday,” explained Jorge Terrazas, Director of Corporate Communications at BBVA Mexico.

As compensation, all purchases made on Sunday, September 19 with credit or debit cards gave a benefit that was automatically applied to customer accounts.

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