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ARK 2 has a new trailer that is coming in 2023!

ARK 2 has a new trailer that is coming in 2023!

From the announcement of the game ARK 2 Almost two years have passed. So it is time to find out more about this much awaited topic.

During the Microsoft conference held today, a new trailer for this product was released. Wildcard representatives have shared the following announcement, which confirms this ARK 2 Will come In 2023. Target sites are PC and Xbox Series X.

Wake up suddenly to a strange primitive world full of dinosaurs and people fighting for dominance; You need to connect together the story of how you got there, along with the legendary heroes and confront the powerful dark forces that want to control the fate of all life. Get off the saddle and join the next generation survival game with ARK2!

Every aspect of the ARK series has been reviewed and redesigned in this series. Here is a sample of the new features that ARK 2 will add in the first release:

History of Epica

Vin Diesel (“Ridik”), played by ARK Santiago’s famous hero, enjoys an epic adventure while trying to protect his daughter Micah – voiced by Ala Kravalho (“Movana”) – from the ghosts and visions of the distant past. A new future.

Revolutionary transition between platforms

Fully stackable, user-created mods for new creatures, items, game features and maps are now distributed across all platforms with support for modified unofficial servers!

Kamble in the best class for third players only

Advanced Character Movement Mechanics like Mantling, Free Climbing, Parker, Slide and Swing!

A close soul

Target Lock, Blocks, Dodges, Compos, Stacker, Special Attacks, Emphasis on action based on player ability.

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Big New Alien Environment

Explore a mysterious, chaotic world where native plants and animals have been captured by invading primitive creatures from extinct Earth!

Creating objects from components

Build your weapons and tools from different modules to customize their look and function – millions of possible combinations allow you to create your own unique gear! The specific products you choose will further influence the look of your items thanks to the many resource options found in unique parts of the world.

Dynamic world events

Regardless of your presence, natural and unnatural events always happen in the game world! Your choices will give you rewards or challenges in deciding whether to relate to these events.

Opposite force of PVE

Hostile “half” humans will hunt and attack you with their own animals trying to drive them out of their world.

Advanced building and sharing templates

Network rendering and streaming event enables great player-built configurations and significantly higher client and server performance over longer draw distances! Survivors can configure and store their favorite building templates, share them, and place possible template layouts around the world, then create them as a group.

Creation based on the sense of AI

There is no radar anywhere – the animals are now tracked and hunted using sight, sound and smell! Learn to hide your scent, hiding from predators with visual camouflage and environmental barriers! Dynamic Pathfinding allows creatures to maneuver intelligently around obstacles and player-built structures.

Roles and skills Development of the system

Gain both game experience and knowledge points to thrive on a great ability tree full of new active skills, perks and passive perks, achieving key goals and overcoming unique challenges.

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Full utilization of Unreal Technology Engine5

Look at how the leaves promise to the flying creatures, the water moves under the obstacles, the heavy storm clouds, the local weather systems, the smoke and particles under the influence of physical forces and so on! Basic improvements in lighting systems, enabling a much brighter day-night cycle, creating real-time ambient lights and shadows in natural and player-created environments!

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