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Arthur MacLaren became the "Czar of Art".  Designed by Nat Bowen

Arthur MacLaren became the “Czar of Art”. Designed by Nat Bowen

Isn’t McLaren in and of itself just antiques on wheels? For us, yes, but the company decided to add something else. Thanks to the producer’s collaboration with Nat Bowen, an artist who makes multi-colored epoxy panels, the McLaren Arthur Hybrid got a special version of the Art Car. Guess what materials Bowen used to create a unique livery for a sports car…

McLaren Artur’s Art Car’s – All in Color!

The hybrid supercar from Woking has changed beyond recognition due to the bright color of its exterior. Just don’t think that someone here took the easy route and came up with it for abstract printed flakes. Nat Bowen has covered every part of the body in clear, thin layers of colored resin that changes to different colors to match the light and surroundings.

The car is now part of the artist’s solo exhibition, which can be visited until March 31, 2022. Unfortunately, to do this, you have to go to Dubai, because this is where the exhibition was held. Multicolored McLaren Arthur, along with other Bowen works, now decorate the interior of the ME Dubai Hotel.

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“It was an honor to work with McLaren Automotive on such an exciting concept and the opportunity to showcase the car at my first solo show in Dubai. I set myself the goal of creating a truly immersive experience that puts visitors in a state of meditation, isolates them from everyday distractions, as well as Allow to explore and develop your relationship with color.

Arthur McLaren – Supercar with plug

For the brand from Woking, the Arthur model opens a whole new chapter (the name does not come from the name, but from a combination of the words “Art” and “Future”). The hybrid supercar introduced a year ago is proof that even in the age of electric it is possible to build a car that is both lightweight and great to drive. That’s why engineers designed a new ultra-lightweight MCLA (McLaren Carbon Lightweight Engineering) carbon platform just for Arthur.

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Thanks to her, the fluid-deprived car weighs only 1395 kg (the empty weight is also 1489 kg). Powering the McLaren Hybrid is a combination of a 3.0 V6 twin-turbocharged petrol engine, an 8-speed automatic transmission and a combined electric motor. The system generates a total of 680 hp and 720 Nm, which translates to acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h in 3 seconds and a top speed of 330 km / h. Arthur travels up to 30 km by pure electric (WLTP).

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