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Barcelona concert in El Clsico!  The worst ghosts of the reals of the past are back

Barcelona concert in El Clsico! The worst ghosts of the reals of the past are back

For the 249th time Real Madrid and Barcelona have clashed. Although Barca has been in a very difficult situation for almost 20 years, the situation with this encounter has been exceptional for several days. Mainly due to the team’s last form and Xavi’s character – the club’s famous footballer, who played in the first classic La Liga before him.

The highlight of this year’s El Clசிகsico is the absence of Karim Benzema. The Frenchman, who was in incredible condition, did not heal from injury before the most important league match for the Kings.

Barcelona just started playing bravely. Over time, Templey and Ferran Torres became active. However, collective games are not translated into shots. Real gave up first – Federico Valverde wanted to surprise Der Stegen brilliantly with a shot to the ground from the penalty area, but the goalkeeper of the crowd did a great job.

A few minutes later, Thibaut Courtois had a big parade. First he defended Abameyang’s shot from about 7 meters, then Ousmane Dembele’s shot from the corner of the sixteenth. The pace did not slow down, which only delighted the fans gathered at the Bernabeu. But still Barcelona was on the big side.

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He finally proved it in the 30th minute of the match – Tempele, who had been very active from the start of the match, overtook the team, and Abameyang outscored the Real defenders, giving the audience the lead with a confident head shot.

Real had the best chance to equalize when Vinicius came out alone with Der Stegen and fell in 16th attempt to force a penalty kick. The fans were outraged, at which point Barcelona launched another attack that ended in a corner kick. Tempele crossed, and Ronald Arazo jumped high in the penalty area, increasing his lead. Real helpless.

Carlo Ancelotti did not wait. From the start of the second half, Eduardo Camavinga and Mariano Diaz appeared on the pitch. But once again Barca faced a great scoring opportunity. Ferran did it with Torres Cordois, but under a simple circumstance he crossed the ball post. But a minute later, the same player struck again in the best possible way: De Jong’s best pass went to Abamayang, who defeated Torres with a heel, and he hit the goal window with a confident shot.

This is not the end of Krolowski’s play. Ferran Torres scored a long shot in the 53rd minute, while Aubameyang scored his next goal. The assistant referee raised the flag and signaled offside, which knocked the Real players out of the rhythm. VAR analysis undoubtedly showed that there was no offsite.

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It is not clear by Real that he had any idea how to get out of this dangerous situation. The symbol of the Kings’ devastating attitude was the form of Eder Milidavo, who lost the goal several times and scored a goal for Temple in a simple situation at the end of the match.

Real have been humiliated on their ground. Again, in the 21st century, the Krolewski team suffered an embarrassing defeat in the Classic at their home ground. Here are the popular 2: 6 from 2009 and 0: 4 from 2015. Now, despite being the leader of Real La Liga with a 9 point lead over second Sevilla, fans will certainly not forget this humiliation at Bernabeu.

Real Madrid – FC Barcelona 0: 4 (0: 2)

Goals: Aubameyang (29, 51), Arajo (38), Torres (47)

The real Madrid: Cordois – Carvajal (46 ‘Dias), Milito, Alaba, Nacho (63’ Lucas) – Modric, Casemiro, Cruz (46 ‘Camevinka) – Valverde, Rodrigo (63’ Ascencio), Vinicius

Barcelona: Der Stegen – Aravjo, Big, Garcia, Alpha (86 ‘Alves) – F.C. De Zhang (71 ‘poet), Busquets, Petrie – Torres, Abameyang (71’ Dibe), Tempole (80 ‘tray)