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Barcelona wants to take advantage of Abameyang's problems.  “They have a plan” Pica Nona

Barcelona wants to take advantage of Abameyang’s problems. “They have a plan” Pica Nona

Another scandal involving Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang has erupted in the UK. Caponis broke the rules that were in place at Arsenal again, this time he could not believe the endurance of Michael Arteta. The 32-year-old footballer has recently returned from a trip abroad, according to British media. Due to this, he was unable to play in Arsenal’s match against Southampton on Saturday (3-0).

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Surprising exchange between Barcelona and Arsenal? The Catalans have a plan

As a result of his shameful behavior, the captain’s shield was removed. In addition, Michael Arteta has decided that Coponic will not play in the next Premier League match against West Ham. – This is our decision regarding a recent incident involving a football player, that is our position. If we have to make such a decision, it is because it is appropriate to protect the interests of the club – explained the Arsenal coach.

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ஔBamayang – The tense situation in the Arterita line-up has caused an avalanche of speculation about the future of the footballer in the British media. According to reporters, they are tired of Gabon’s irresponsible behavior at the club and want to get rid of him soon. The problem, however, is that the 32-year-old may have a different opinion on the matter as he charges £ 250,000 a week at a London club. Therefore, it is difficult to find a new employer who can offer such a salary.

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However, according to The Independent, the FC intends to take advantage of Barcelona’s plight. Catalan club officials want to exchange with Arsenal, part of which will be the transfer of Usman Temple to the Emirates. According to British journalists, the difference in the salaries of the two players is about 30-50 thousand euros in favor of Gabon, so both clubs may be interested in such a solution. Thanks to this, both will eliminate players who do not meet their expectations.