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“Bares for Rares” (ZDF): Zoff between Horst Lichter and The Expert – Oha scene showing on TV

Resentment over “Bares for Rares”: Suddenly resentment erupted between broadcaster Horst Lekhter and Expert – and the scene was broadcast too.

Pulheim – Lieutenant Colonel Horst Lichter (59) and his experts work as heart and soul in “Bares für Rares”. The show lives by all members of the cults gaining sympathy from its many fans. Serious dissonance? nothing. But that’s exactly what happened right now – and it aired, too! More precisely in the April 6th episode of ZDF and the next day on ZDFneo.

Criticism vs. Rares (ZDF): Hurst-to-Geak’s gag is counterproductive

Karl-Heinz Buss (79), Kirn’s chief mechanic, wants to ditch an expensive floor lamp decades later. He exhibits them in the expert room in Lichter (59) and specialist Sven Duchmank (44) for evaluation. Boss seller is not in the room yet. But his sales object. The floor lamp is clearly a huge achievement. This makes the lights a joke: “A bedside lamp? Or a desk?” You can immediately see that the lamp is not both. Deutschmanck admits this first with a “yes” twice. The lights will not subside: “What now? A desk or bedside table?”

Only one person thinks the muzzle is funny. It’s not Deutschmanck and responds notably upset: “It’s a floor lamp.” Lechter replied, “You really spoil the fun.” Deutschmanck: “How do you get a desk lamp?” To choose: “Yes, because it looks like a lamp.” A desk lamp. Just too big. Deutschmanck: It’s also available as a table lamp. There is also a smaller one. But what is the name of this thing? How do you look Did you see how it moved? To buy: “Have you moved?” Dutchman: “How do you move? To buy: “I didn’t see if it was moving. It is still standing here. Deutschmanck: Yeah, but you can rotate it. Lights: “This is likely to be a rotating lamp. “

Meanwhile, Horst Leeches was just as upset as expert Sven Deutschmanck.

© Screen capture of ZDF

Bares for Rares (ZDF): Hurst Lecturer feeds with expert Sven Deutschmanck

Very annoying dialogue Listen here on ZDF Media Library from 42 min. And it’s not over yet. Come the seller “bus”. But Lichter maps towards Deutschmanek. “I thought you’d find it funny when I say it’s a bedside lamp.” Deutschmanck: “I thought it was funny, too, but I backed off.” His disturbing tone indicates something else. The lights think only “yes”. Greetings the seller, clarifies Duz’s question and says, “Karl Heinz, I just wanted to be funny, but it backfired. I thought it would be really funny and our expert would be having fun when I say it’s a bedside table or desk lamp, but the muzzle is coming, as I can I say, not even with you. Well, let’s leave it. I’m not doing any more masks here, you can bend that. ”

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Bares für Rares (ZDF): Knatsch is on TV – and they both don’t rest for long

And again Deutschmanck replies: “So watch out: when I look at something, I am indulged. I’ll forgive, I won’t really listen to you when you come.” He adds to choose “I still really love him” – then everyone shifts from the tension to the day’s arrangement. The lamp and its history are displayed. Experience (500-600 €) exceeds the asking price (300-350 €), and in the end the lamp changes for 700 € and goes to the dealer Markus Wildhagen.

Horst teased to choose (center) Sven Deutschmannak’s focus very carefully – he didn’t really like it.

© Screen capture of ZDF

Cash for Rares (ZDF): Sven Deutschmanek is holding back – “I didn’t mean it was that hard at all”

Not without Horst Lechter and Sven Duchmanck having their gossip once more. When the Buss salesperson did indeed go into the dealer’s room, Deutschmanck said to Lichter with a lot of sugar in his voice: “I didn’t mean what I said at first, but when I look at the thing, then I go inside and then I look at that desk lamp or bedside lamp and think about what You can tell it about him. Who made it. But…? ”During an execution, Lekhtar leaves the hall of experts without saying a word. Frowning, but almost certainly kidding. Ultimately, the two should love each other again and continue to meet each other in the highest esteem in the future. A few months ago, a member of the Kelly family was a guest on “Bares for Rares” – he broke up with a dealer who violated an iron rule for them. (Lynn)

Rubriklistenbild: © ZDF screenshot

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