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Battlefield 2042 Bug: Solve Mouse Problems Yourself

One of the most important aspects of a shooter is the ability to aim your guns. On consoles, you can do this with a stick, on a PC with a mouse. Unfortunately, the latest update to “Battlefield 2042” has interrupted horizontal mouse input for some players. You can look up and down, but if you have to look left or right, you’re in for a fix.

Crisis after crisis

Although “Battlefield 2042” is a good game at its core, it has been plagued by problems since its launch. From bugs that prevent friends from resuscitating if they are too close to a wall, to poor hit detection, the game’s bugs are well documented. Developer Dice has made an effort to fix these issues after release. Supposedly the latest patch for “Battlefield 2042” removes more than 150 bugs.

Unfortunately, game development is very complicated. Do you know it when a collector’s item flips over on the shelf, and you pick it up and put it back on and accidentally knock everyone else over? It’s the same with programming games.

Battlefield 2042: Input-Bug lösen

This new problem only affects PC game lovers and there is a solution in case you are struggling with it. Here’s what you are According to the developer It must be done:Restore the default settings by removing the “PROFSAVE” files under “Documents”>”Battlefield 2042″>”Settings” to be able to continue playing.
Once you make this change, you should be able to look left and right again. Here you are. When you’re all set and fully operational and want to outsmart the competition, check out these Battlefield 2042 tips and tricks.

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