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Battlefield 4 with a sudden growth in popularity •

Battlefield 4 with a sudden growth in popularity •

EA had to increase the capacity of the servers.

  • The number of players has increased in Battlefield 4 and other parts of the course
  • Perhaps the reason is the announcement of Battlefield 2042

The recent announcement of Battlefield 2042 translated into the increased popularity of the older version of the course – Battlefield 4. EA had to increase server capacity.

How Writes In the official forum of the company, the representative of the concern with the pseudonym Straatford, after the disclosure of this year’s part of the series, it was noted that many users returned to the game from 2013. As a result, there were problems logging in in the western part of the United States.

The good news is that we have increased server capacity for this area, so you can expect less wait times and more fun ?? – Explains an EA employee.

Battlefield 2042 may have contributed to the popularity of the older parts

With data SteamDB shows that the number of players of the aforementioned production on the Valve platform began to grow around June 9, that is, on the day of Battlefield 2042. At one point, the shooter was played by 11,801 people at one time.

One of the reasons for the increase in popularity may be the fact that the title has been given away for free to Amazon Prime subscribers. However, a similar increase in users was also recorded in the newer versions of the series from the Swedish studio DICE, that is, Battlefield 1 and Battlefield 5.

This year’s edition of the series will be released on October 22. The game’s events are set in the near future, and production will lack a story campaign – the creators are only focusing on multiplayer gameplay.

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