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Battlefield Mobile in the first game

Battlefield Mobile in the first game

September 24, 2021, 7:05 pm

Battlefield Mobile’s first gameplay appeared on the web. It is taken from the alpha version of the game, which has been tested in some countries. As for mobile productions and recording quality? not bad.

Battlefield Mobile, or FPS designed for Android and iOS mobile devices, has been delivered to early adopters. Participate in production development EA DICE and Industrial Toys Provided for alpha testing in Asia southeast ?? Especially in Indonesia and the Philippines. Users who had the task of verifying this received Allow To publish game materials on the Internet. Below you can see two sample recordings ?? You will find more Here. It is worth noting that it comes from the version intended for it Android ?? Production on iOS is not yet available.

Taking the adjustment to the unsatisfactory quality of the films, as well as the fact that we are dealing with a mobile production, it must be admitted that this subgenre of the Battlefield series looks quite decent. Unfortunately, it is not known when the title tests will begin in Europe. However, production is due to start in 2022, so it can be assumed that it will get louder and louder as the coming months go by. But undoubtedly, it looks like Electronic Arts should have started their intense marketing campaign before the premiere of Battlefield 2042, which?? After a slight slip?? It will take place on November 19. It remains to wait.