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Best dead space?  New scary pictures from Callisto Protocol

Best dead space? New scary pictures from Callisto Protocol

Callisto Protocol is a new science fiction horror game in development by Striking Distance Studios, a studio founded by Glen Schofield. Schofield was responsible for developing dead space Official and seems to go back to its roots with the Callisto Protocol after being in hammer games She worked on the Call of Duty series. However, it has become so quiet about its latest horror game that a promised release in 2022 is called into question. However, a series of new screenshots from Callisto Protocol have recently been released, with promises of a game release later this year.

New screenshots of the Callisto Protocol have appeared

there A new sign of life from the Callisto Protocol In the form of new screenshots of the game are sent via detective game Actually only to pay subscribers. However, the photos ended up on Reddit and then on Twitter shortly after they were posted. You can check out the photos in the Twitter post below. As can be seen, the game does not hide the fact that, thanks to Schofield, it drew influences from Dead Space.

Players will never feel particularly powerful

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I mentioned at the same time IGNSchofield and Design Director Ben Walker shared a little more about the game in an interview with Game Informer that accompanies the screenshots. On the one hand, Schoefild explained the basic story of the game, that protagonist Jacob Lee 300 years into the future He has to make his way through a prison in Jupitermund Callisto To pave the way for all kinds Inhabited terrifying monsters he is.

On the other hand, readers got more explanations about the battles in the game. According to Schofield, Lee is just an average freighter pilot, with no special training. Lee will be able to collect weapons throughout the match that will turn him into Melee and ranged combat It can help fight the monstrous creatures that BioFageto reach. In addition, it becomes A device called GRP Through which he can push objects or opponents towards him or away from him.

Often a combination of all available weapons is necessary to survive in battles with human monsters. According to design director Ben Walker, the player should never feel particularly powerful, which will certainly add to the horror effect.