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Best Sopot Festival 2021: Rutnick sharp from the scene on Pav Cookies

Best Sopot Festival 2021: Rutnick sharp from the scene on Pav Cookies

The festival in Sopoto kicked off on Tuesday 17th August at the Forest Opera. The show concluded on Thursday with a show celebrating the 20th anniversary of TVN24. The stage, among other things, was performed Krzysztof Jalewski, Agnieszka Siliska, Krzysztof Ternav, Gaya and Krzysztof Ivanesko.

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The concert on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of TVN24 began with the strong words of Monica Olejnik, who welcomed the audience in free media. Then Marta Kulikovsky and Andrzej Mrozovsky teased with Paves Kukis and Lex TVN.

Festival in Sopot: TVN24 journalists’ strong pleas to the rulers

Diana Rutnik and Krzegorsk Kajtanovich are another pair of presenters who have appeared on the stage of the Sopot Forest Opera. Journalists invited Katargina Keila and Katargina Colende-Saleska, President and Managing Director of Discovery EMEA, to the stage.

Photo: mwmedia / MW Media

Top Festival Sopot 2021 Top: Katargina Keely and Katargina Kolenda-Joleska

Then Katharina took the floor of the Kolenda-Joleska, she said:

Power does not deprive us of our right to free choice and free media. The government does not deprive the authorities of the right to assistance

Then Diana Rutnick said:

At the re-entry, journalists added:

Without free media, there are no free elections, no freedom, you have a right to know“- Grzegorz Kajdanowicz said, and Diana Rutnik said that no one can squeeze people’s mouths.

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