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Bezet - Pre-order of John Powell's song and commercial music album [PREMIERA]

Bezet – Pre-order of John Powell’s song and commercial music album [PREMIERA]

Author: Lola Bonnet
Bezet – Pre-order of John Powell’s song and commercial music album [PREMIERA]

Business music is a story of success, money, love for sale, decline, the city I live in, the country I live in, the most important and big things that are paradoxical but seemingly insignificant. Pezet released the first single on the day of the pre-order. Get to know him now.

BessetSong by John Paul And a pre-order of the commercial music album, all on May 24, 2022! Commercial music is a story about rap music for sale, but shifting the boundaries of ubiquitous and more commonplace today in both aesthetics and marketing is something that stands within the subjective framework of my good taste. My upcoming album is Commercial Music which raises the issues mentioned above. Although the word “commercial” has a derogatory meaning, the first album released for sale became the rap business we do when it saw the light of day. Hip-hop music has become a source of entertainment, more and more selling and more and more selling – This is what Bessett says about the album.

Chromie about the recorded single with Romanian star Antonia

Bezet – Song by John Paul

The first single from the commercial music album was produced by John Powell Auer and Pyotr ‘Aisi’ Lewandowski. The music video was directed by Pinnacle:

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Pezet – Business Music CD

Commercial music available in pre-order will be enriched with premiere songs. The release can be ordered now: Contemporary music from Pezet’s last album 2019. The album was certified Triple Platinum and won its single Magenta Diamond Single Award.