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Biden on border chaos: scandalous and frightening

In images that quickly spread around the world, Texas Border Patrols have been seen brutally driving migrants away from Haiti on the banks of the Rio Grande.

– It was terrible. It’s outrageous. I promise: these people will have to pay. There will be consequences, Biden said during a press conference at the White House.

It was announced Thursday that border patrols would stop using horses against migrants.

Tens of thousands under the bridge

Biden accused former President Donald Trump of “inhumane” handling of the situation on the border with Mexico and had an election promise to walk away from it. But since coming to government power, he himself has received criticism from both Democrats and Republicans for his border policy.

Last week, thousands of migrants, mostly Haitians, went to a border crossing near the city of Del Rio in Texas after a rumor spread that the border was open there. But that was not the case, and instead tens of thousands of migrants were allowed to gather under the bridge crossing the Rio Grande to protect from the heat.

Camp is emptied

Biden’s board of directors ordered the temporary camp to be evacuated — and that work was completed on Friday.

– As of this morning, there are no more migrants in the camp under the Del Rio Bridge, Alejandro Mallorcas, Secretary of Homeland Security, said during a press conference at the White House.

Some have been sent back to Haiti, others are waiting at immigrant centers near the border, and some have voluntarily crossed the river back to Mexico for their own machine, Mayorcas says.

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For people who are more vulnerable, such as people with health problems or who report having been tortured, the message continues to be awaited. Their future will be decided in court.