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Bill Gates creates the future.  We know what TerraPower - o2 . will build

Bill Gates creates the future. We know what TerraPower – o2 . will build

Bill Gates is mostly associated with information technology and the success of Microsoft, of which he was president for many years.. She is now the face of another major endeavor. His company TerraPower deals with the design and development of modern nuclear reactors.

The first will be built in the US state of Wyoming (in the midwestern part of the United States). Even Japan would co-invest one of the world’s richest people in the United States.

The Japan Atomic Energy Agency (JAEA) and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) intend to cooperate with the United States and Bill Gates in building a technologically advanced nuclear reactor, Japan’s Yomiuri daily quoted him as saying.

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Japan behind China in a nuclear power plant

The contract will be signed in January. Unofficial sources in Yomiuri said that JAEA and MHI will provide technical support and data from Japan’s advanced reactors. Due to the New Year holidays, representatives of both entities have not commented on these reports yet.


Confirmed information so far shows that TerraPower will open a power plant in Wyoming in 2028. The US government will provide funding for half of the $4 billion project.

The power plant, called the “pilot project”, is expected to use liquid sodium as coolant instead of water. Therefore, it should be safer and less expensive to operate. It must generate electricity that can power about 400,000 homes.