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‘Booty Time’ by Britney Spears on Instagram makes her fiance jealous

Britney Spears is no longer afraid to show her body now that she is a free woman after the legal victory she won against the guardianship of her father, James Spears. Now, the 40-year-old singer is showing off her buttocks on Instagram in what she calls “booty time” by photographer Andrea MacLean.

In the photos you can see Spears turning her back in red underwear that leaves nothing to the imagination. To finish the reel, a rose appears on white gloves.

Britney restricted comments to her acquaintances so there were only love letters to her. The one who wasn’t happy was Sam Asgari, her fianc√©, who commented with an angry emoji and message with the hashtag “jealous”. Which makes us assume the model isn’t happy with the photo, but that’s not going to stop the pop princess.

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“Toxic” translator Wessam got engaged in September of last year and announced it in a video on social media. The couple met after the model participated in the video for Fifth Harmony’s “Work from Home”, because Britney was so happy with Asghari’s photo and invited him to participate in the official video for her then-single “Spittle Party.”

The fitness trainer also commented on Men’s Health that he was excited to meet one of the greatest entertainers of all time and that he felt butterflies in his stomach. Sam says she approached him for the first time and said, “Hi I’m Britney” and he replied, “I’m sorry, what’s your name?” For fun, something worked because they exchanged numbers and a few days later they made a date for dinner.

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In an interview with Forbes, he said that the actor’s intentions for the singer were always to take his relationship to another level, he does not mind becoming a father, because he wants to be.

At the moment, the date and details of the wedding between the model and Britney are not known yet, but it is one of the most awaited weddings of this year.