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Borderlands 3: The cross-play update and new event are here!

Borderlands 3: The cross-play update and new event are here!

The cross-play functionality of Borderlands 3 was recently announced, and the corresponding update has now been released. You can also look forward to a new event.

Gearbox Software has given the green light for the much-anticipated cross-play update in Borderlands 3. As announced, the feature is available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Mac, Stadia, and PC platforms (both Steam and Epic Games Store), but makes PlayStation available At the moment for reasons that are not officially explained in more detail of the arc.

In short: you can now play with friends on all other platforms in the game, regardless of platform. The Official Website The game is ready.

But that’s not all, because the seasonal event “Revenge of the Cartels” also returns. In the game’s most popular event among fans, Joey Ultraviolet and his assistants return and the friendly Saurian Maurice once again asks you to eliminate the cartel’s opponents. They can be found in areas of the base game as well as campaign add-ons. If you defeat enough opponents, the portal will take you to the main event: the showdown against Joey Ultraviolet aka the gang boss of the Eridium gang. During the event period, you can unlock a number of new cosmetic items.

Also new: You can now play all the seasonal events with a special theme, whenever and as long as you want. Via an option in the main menu, you can choose which of the three events you want to activate or deactivate. Last but not least, the maximum level has also been raised to the new level 72.

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Borderlands 3 – A release trailer cut for the director

The great Director’s Cut add-on is now available for the Loot Shooter Borderlands 3 platform.