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Boris Johnson is accused of preparing to “let the bodies pile up” to avoid the lockdown

At the end of October last year, Boris Johnson was said to have told several employees that he wanted to avoid the third lockdown at all costs, according to information in the British press.

– No more shutdown! Let the corpses piled in the thousands! The prime minister claims to have Lather In an internal meeting.

The outbreak must have come Since Johnson reluctantly agreed that the country needs a second lockdown in November.

Ultimately, he was also forced to agree to a third “lockdown” in January this year – since the new English version of the virus then led to a sharp increase in the spread of the infection.

The question many in the UK are asking themselves now is whether decisions have been delayed due to the prime minister’s hesitant stance.

Boris Johnson denies He would have said what he is accused of. But the information was confirmed by witnesses who spoke to the BBC and ITV, among others.

I have three independent sources who reported that they heard Boris Johnson say this about letting bodies pile up on top of each other. Two of the sources said they were prepared to testify under oath ITV political editor Robert Piston Monday night.

According to several British media, Boris Johnson’s former chief strategist, Dominic Cummings, is one person willing to testify publicly. Perhaps regarding his planned appearance in the British House of Commons next month.

Dominic Cummings, a former advisor to Boris Johnson.

Photo: Tolga Akmen / TT

Cummings has been around for several years But Boris Johnson, a prominent Brexit strategist, was forced to leave his post in mid-November of last year after a bitter power struggle with other advisers.

Already at the end of December it was reported The Telegraph That Cummings was preparing for revenge: public testimony of how the prime minister downplayed his warnings about a second wave of infections.

Last week, Cummings also wrote one Articles In which Boris Johnson is accused of financing the renovation of the prime minister’s private apartment in Downings Street, in an “unethical and possibly illegal” manner.

to me ITV This will replenish Funded by private donor loans and Tory coffers, it was locked up by government offices – before the prime minister repaid it. There is uncertainty over why Johnson chose this complicated approach, and the Labor opposition is now calling for a thorough investigation into the apartment renovation.

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