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Boris Johnson keeps winning – then the party pops up

On the day Boris Johnson stops winning the election, the party will stop trying to comb out after a mess of its own.

Then he falls on his bottom in it. His career will come to an end. The British Conservative Party is extremely unemotional about these things.

Some might say: wild.

This is the reason why the Conservatives in the previous elections to the British Parliament yesterday Won the Hartlepool circuit in northern England. Hartlepool is the old shipyard town where Britain’s Social Democratic Workers Party has been voting for decades.

What a conservative victory It means that Boris Johnson has made more breakthroughs in what is commonly known as the “red wall of work”: the traditional workers’ circles in northern England.

Hartlepool would be the eleventh of those traditional classes in which it is now conservative. It is a major shift in the British political landscape and means Boris Johnson can temporarily breathe a sigh of relief.

it has been New scandals surround the Prime Minister The past weeks. It seems like Boris Johnson is basically a wandering mess when it comes to private finance. It is known that the prime minister “did not have any money” and the last question in question was how, to solve his monetary problems, he brought wealthy donors to the party to pay for the renewal of his fiancée to the prime minister’s house.

Whether this is legal is being investigated.

But the conservatives are winning now Many in the party will take Hartlepool as evidence that all the scandalous headlines about Boris Johnson in recent weeks have mostly been media hype. Evidence of the theory that voters ultimately don’t care who pays for the prime minister’s curtains – as long as they aren’t themselves anyway.

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This morning, it is Labor leader Keir Starmer who is in trouble. He took over from Jeremy Corbyn last year. Jeremy Corbyn pushed Labor too far to the left and fell in 2019 over the way he let anti-Semitism take hold in the Labor Party. Not the least of which is that he led the party to the worst election result since the universal suffrage.

Kerr Starmer took charge with the ambition to clean up and make broad groups of voters trust Labor once again. But the Left Party did not like him and the so-called broad groups of voters ignored him until now. And now Kerr Starmer failed to defend Hartlepool.

The Conservatives would have won Hartlepool as early as 2019 had it not been for Brexit. There was already a conservative majority in the constituency, which was only split between the conservative Brexit party and the right-wing populist Nigel Farage.

Now the Brexit party is no longer there For obvious reasons. Brexit is complete. Nigel Farage founded a new party, this time a protest party against Britain’s pandemic policies. A party that, like Swedish policymakers, believes the lockdowns are not working. In the UK, this is a right-wing position. But this party has not been as successful as the Brexit party.

It was for this reason that the Conservatives were able to win at Hartlepool.

Those who support Kerr Starmer will say Labor should give him more time despite this loss. Jeremy Corbyn cannot shake off the mess or restore voter confidence in less than a year. A Labor source told the BBC: “Just because we have stopped peeing in the bathroom does not mean that people are immediately ready to jump in with us.”

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We will see if the left party buys this analysis.

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