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BP confirms that its product gives more kilometers than regular gasoline – El Financiero

The BP gas station network reported that it provided the Federal Consumer Prosecutor’s Office (Profeco) with documents proving that the gasoline added to its product called “Active” gives more kilometers than regular gasoline.

The company responded to the statements of the head of the agency, Ricardo Sheffield, in the sense that its ads are misleading.

“They tell the consumer that they give an extra 42 kilometers for the tanks they fill with them. The official said the day before that this is completely incorrect, and there is no way to prove it, because with our laboratories in coordination with the customs laboratories we decided that this confirmation could not be made.

The oil company stressed that it always addresses its customers with responsibility and transparency by providing products of the highest quality, through clear and technically supported information of the highest standards.

“A few months ago, BP México responded to a request for information from Profeco on the performance of the indicated product. BP submitted, in time and form, the technical documents to demonstrate the benefits of this fuel (…), and the company reiterates its absolute desire to provide further information that It facilitates the understanding of this new product, while the process is finally resolved administratively in the corresponding cases,” he said.

He assured that he always works in accordance with the current regulations in the countries in which he operates, and that he will continue to cooperate with the Mexican authorities to clear any doubts.