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BTS entertains their army at the Kids’ Choice Awards in Mexico – El Financiero

korean pop group BTS He conquered the awards ceremony Nickelodeon Kids Choice Mexico Awards, which was held on the night of Tuesday, September 7, online due to the Covid 19 pandemic.

my translators dynamite They raised three “balloons” (as the award statuette was called) in the following categories: Bomba K-pop; Mr. Fandom, for ARMY (as fans call themselves), and something from the world Thanks to Butter, her latest single.

Brothers Skabeche (Eddy and Bryan) and Fede Vigevani were hosts for the event, which rewards favorite influencers, trends, actors, animators, shows, and musicians to Nickelodeon viewers.

BTS. Army censorship in China

Recently, the youth squad BTS it causes controversy employment China Since the government of that country suspended the account on the Weibo (Chinese social network) of the fan club based in Jiminone of its members for a period of 60 days.

This is because the club (called Jimin BarA commercial plane was decorated with the singer’s doll to mark his 26th birthday. According to social media rules, this is “irrational support for celebrities.”

The tech giant also considered the money for the decoration to be illegal.

The fan club started raising funds in April to celebrate Jimin’s birthday, which will be on October 13.

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According to the Global Times, the club raised about 1 million yuan ($150,000) in the first three minutes of the campaign. and 2.3 million ($360 thousand) in the first hour. The club also planned to run advertisements in newspapers such as The New York Times.

Children’s Choice Awards Mexico. List of winners

Favorite Actor: Emilio Osorio, What Happens to My Family?

Favorite Actress: Macarena Garcia, 100 Days to Fall in Love

• Favorite show: What’s wrong with my family?

• Nick Favorito Show: Club 57

• Favorite Cartoon Nick: Bob Esponga

• Latin pop artist: CNCO

• New Artist: Hombi

• Hit the World: Butter, by BTS

• Most Consistent Song: Couple of the Year, Sebastian Yatra and Mike Towers

• Pumbaa K-pop: BTS

• Creator @TOP1: Carol Sevilla

• Creator for you: Dom Lipa

• New idol: Cesar Pantoga

• Best player in the game: AuronPlay

• Master of Fans: ARMY de BTS