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Business help for the months of March and April - there is a regulation

Business help for the months of March and April – there is a regulation

A government decree was published in the Law Magazine, granting aid for the months of March and April to entrepreneurs whose activities have suffered from administrative restrictions.

The amendment to the regulation provides for exemption from social security contributions, co-financing of employees’ salaries for a period of three months, disabling benefits and benefits for micro and small entrepreneurs.Th To support those involved in the affected economic turnover As a result of the COVID pandemic19„.

It includes all professional categories in tourism covered by the previous regulations: bus carriers (49.39.Z), tour operators (79.12.Z), travel agents (79.11.A), tour leaders and tour guides (79.90.A), IATA agents. (79.90.C), hotels (55.10.Z) and other accommodation facilities (55.20.Z).

Requests for assistance can be submitted by entrepreneurs who conducted a business on March 31, 2021, marked according to the Polish Classification of Activities (PKD). It will be possible to submit a request for assistance from April 26.

Before the regulation was published and after the (issued) government decision – we have received signals that some entrepreneurs did not update their data on their activities in public records in the specified time last year, said Marek Neduc, Deputy Minister of Development, Labor and Technology. Today). Therefore, they did not fulfill any of the formal requirements for obtaining assistance. However, we want the support to go to companies that are already running some kind of restricted activity. That is why the verification date of the public key directory codes has been postponed to March 31, 2021.

He also adds, an additional period has been introduced in which a decrease in revenue can be shown. By submitting the subsidy requests, it will be possible to demonstrate that revenue has also decreased compared to February 2020, the month in which the economy has not yet experienced disruption.

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The amendment to the regulation provides for four types of aid:

Exemption from social security contributions For the months of March and April – Premium payers do not have to pay the premiums for themselves and the insured, if reported as an installment payment before November 1, 2020, if their premiums are paid, the premiums will be returned to them; Applications can be submitted until June 30, 2021.

Additional payment of 2,000 zlotys To employee wages – job protection benefits from the Guaranteed Employee Benefit Fund; After entering into an agreement with the Voivodship Employment Office, the subsidy is granted to the employer for a period of 3 months and covers both employees on the basis of an employment contract, as well as requests for which ZUS contributions are paid; Wage support applications can be submitted until June 30, 2021.

The benefit of inertia For natural persons who run a company – the interest is 2,080 PLN each time, depending on the PKD code, it is awarded one or more times,

Support up to 5000 zlotys Micro and small business owners can apply for benefits to cover the costs of running a business; Depending on the public key index symbol of the type of economic activity prevailing, companies may receive subsidies up to several times; Benefits applications can be submitted until August 31, 2021.

To receive support, you need:

Conducting a distinct business with the specified public key directory code As a form of activity prevailing as of March 31, 2021 – the assessment of belonging to a specific industry, considered particularly affected by the COVID-19 epidemic, will be conducted in relation to the relatively recent past – and therefore – assistance will go to companies that are already practicing in the current period such kind of activity ,

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It shows a 40 percent decrease in profits. Relates to income from the business obtained – depending on the instrument – in one of the three, or from two or in the month preceding the application filing month in relation to the income obtained in the previous month or in the corresponding month of the previous year, as well as in February 2020 or in September 2020

In total, the government estimates that this tranche of aid will cost the state budget 10 billion PLN. Aid will go to 420,000. Companies that employ nearly 1.4 million people.

The amendment to the Bylaw will come into effect on April 26, 2021 with regard to the provisions on salary and benefits subsidies. Regulations for Discontinuation Benefits and Exemption from ZUS Contributions will take effect from May 4, 2021.