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Café Tacvba celebrates more than 38,000 people from 32 years of history

May 27, 1989 Tekvba Cafe He made his first show in the bar Son of the crow.

Four young men from a band from Naucalpan, Robin Albarran, Emmanuel Del Real, Joselo and Kwik Rangel, began weaving a story that on Thursday turned 32 years old.

Even with the impossibility of giving such a huge show that tacvbos used to, they couldn’t let their 32nd anniversary pass and decided to celebrate with a virtual concert.

However, it wasn’t a live event or something similar but they revived the concert for Sun Forum They performed on their 30th anniversary, a few months before the arrival of the Covid-19 pandemic and being one of their last live shows.

“I think it was very good to be 30 years old still in the old world and to be able to throw a concert like the one that we did and with so many people,” Robin says in the material that arrived that night on his YouTube channel.

And he is that in addition to the concert, the band accompanied it with exclusive interviews, in which they remember the last moments they lived before the pandemic and what is today a concert full of nostalgia.

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Now I see and say, ‘Of course, it’s a ritual, it’s a celebration, something in common to be with someone you know is a fan of the group out there because otherwise they wouldn’t be there. “It didn’t exist in 2019 and is suddenly the most used of these times,” Joselo shares in the clip.

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The party begins with Quique’s song “Continuing to be” and includes group classics such as “Las flores”.

“Let’s see when we see each other now, yeah live,” Ruben shares a part at the beginning of the video.