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Cancer-stricken Florent Bagni: Michel Drucker reveals his big project once he “recovers”

In an interview with the magazine Cine TV Review, Michael Drucker secret about Florent Bagni. He has a big plan for the latter if he recovers from lung cancer.

Florent Bagni refused to submit to the law of silence. While many celebrities still choose to hide their illness, The singer is 60 years oldHe decided to put words to the evil that gnawed at him. In a video posted on January 25 on his Instagram page, he announced that he had cancer. “I have to make a rather special announcement, I won’t be able to finish my 60th Anniversary tour. I have to cancel all my concerts due to a health issue. In fact, I have just been diagnosed with a lung tumor, A carcinoid tumor that is not very sympathetic and cannot be operated onTranslator said My freedom to think.

After this announcement, Florent Bagni had initially cut off his mobile phone. Not to acclimatize, but because he doesn’t want to be inundated with messages. Marc Lavoine, one of the few who called him on the phoneHowever, he gave some rather reassuring news that he will be returning to the stage “thus”.

Michel Drucker optimistic about Florent Bagni

Coach the sound He is not the only person who has been very optimistic about the state of health of Florent Bagni. In an interview with the magazine Cine TV Review, Michael Drucker said he was also hoping for Azocina’s husband. Besides, he has a big project with the latter: Bringing it to the set I can’t wait for Sunday. This is what he said when asked about him Expect upcoming celebs in his legendary red armchair.

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There is a whole list, every time with someone who knows them well. Like Christophe with Jean-Michel Jarre, Annie Kurdi with DavePavarotti with Florent Bagni.Danny Savall’s husband replied before adding: We’ll try to do that show next year, if he recovers, and I think he will recover, because he is a fighter.” Like Michael Drucker, fans of the singer have no doubts.