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Celebrities do their duty as citizens and go out to vote

Some celebrities have shared photos in which they proudly bragged that they had exercised their right to vote. | Photo: quartoscuro

This Sunday, June 6, the largest elections in the history of Mexico are taking placeAnd some celebrities They proudly bragged on social media after they cast their vote.

all day sunday, Many celebrities posted pictures of their inky thumbs to show that they went to the polls and exercised their right to vote; By the way, Here we tell you why you should not share these photos, because your personal data is at risk.

Who are the celebrities who went to vote on Sunday, June 6?

Pedrito Sola, famous TV show host, Suppose he actually went to vote and indicated that doing so was an obligation as citizens.

yuan Jose Origel, Another famous driver came to vote. Through his Instagram account, he shared a photo in which he announced that he would conduct the electoral exercise.

“Getting to vote,” he said

Andrea Legarreta, host of the show TodayHe also participated in the Democratic Party.

Legarita went with his family to exercise his right He has many videos on his account Instagram proves it.

Erica Bowenville, the actress known as the “Queen of TikTok,” also boasted on social networks that she had actually voted.

“Get ready to vote,” he famously wrote.

Delilah Polanco, actress and TV presenter, was a celebrity who went to the polls to cast her vote.

“Vote!” host wrote tell me now!

Chomel Torres also provided evidence that he did indeed come out to vote.

Host Martha Figueroa cast her vote early.

Yordi Rosado is another celebrity who did not want to lose his place in this “party of democracy” They assume their civic duty.

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Actress Ludwika Paleta showed that she actually voted for this photo:

Regina Blandon was also a celebrity who came to vote.