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Chaos in the Czech Republic after the elections. The president is receiving intensive care.

Czech politics seems poised to take a right turn, but at the same time it will be able to become more positive towards the EU, after the elections this weekend. The Communists and Social Democrats did not pass the five percent election bloc, which led to concerns that S ruled with the Bappi Anu party and the Communists supported him in various opinion polls. Ano, who belongs to the group of liberal parties in Europe, but during the election campaign followed a line critical of the European Union, withdrew from the elections.

Instead, the alliance of three bourgeois parties is the big winner. Alliance got together 27.7 percent of the vote Thus he barely beat Ano, who got 27.1. Another coalition of two left-liberal parties came in third with 15.6 percent of the vote.

Alliances were Already announced before the elections that they want to rule together. According to the Czech electoral system, where there are elements for direct personal elections, coalitions comprise 108 out of 200 members of parliament. Ano will have 72 members.

– The two democratic coalitions have won a majority and have a chance to form a government, says Peter Fiala, leader of the conservative Democratic Democratic Party and candidate for prime minister on the coalitions, euronews reports.

The leaders of the three parties of the bourgeois alliance together. From left, Marketa Pekarova, Liberal Conservative Top 09, Petr Fiala, Conservative ODS and Marian Jurecka, Christian Democrat KDU-CSL.

Photo: Michel Cizek

But the one who gets to decide who gets the first chance to form a government is Czech President Milos Zeman. He is close to Andre Babis and it was clear during the election campaign that the most important in government negotiations is which individual party is the largest.

It’s more complicated From the fact that 77-year-old Zeman was admitted to a military hospital on Sunday to receive intensive care for a chronic illness, according to a statement issued by the hospital. Before he was taken there, Zeman had a brief meeting with Babis. The message from the hospital On Monday, he said that Zeeman’s position is stable.

When the President is unable to carry out his duties, the powers are transferred to the Speaker of the House of Commons. But according to the country’s constitution, a majority in both houses of Parliament must vote on the transfer of these powers.

Some presidents are not appointed after the election. They are elected by Parliament, which will convene within 30 days of the election.

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