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Clara Borrell defeated Caroline Garcia in Lausanne to advance to her first final

In the noisy winds of Lausanne, Clara Borrell ran across all states to qualify for the first final on the main track of her young career, and an impressive feat, to enter the top 100 this completed weekend. “I can’t believe it, I’m still shivering”She said right after the victory.

We know a stubborn Britton. After defeating Fiona Ferro in the quarter-finals, she proved it again in the semi-finals against irregular Caroline Garcia. Leading 7-5, 2-0, and forced into an ankle challenge after poor support at the start of the third set, Britton found the resources to derail her opponent. A young Frenchwoman, with a great personality, often finds the resources to get out of situations in which she is poorly engaged, knows how to mix small games with good attacks, knows how to resist in defense, but still suffers from a certain thing. Inconsistency and inconsistency. He does not yet have a service that matches his ambitions (25% of points got his second ball in the first set). She often gives her opponent the opportunity to gain the upper hand in comebacks.

What a fragility and strange empty times in Garcia, who was sometimes forced to scream her frustration in this match as she completely lost the thread… Initially I defeated Burel by attacking him with his small second balls and in finding effective areas with good quality of the hit, Leones led 4- 1, before he faced his first hole was even more surprising after such a successful start. Driving 5-4 after a barrage of unforced errors of all kinds, Garcia once again gave up his hits, including three straight wins to get back to 5-5, before taking off (7-5).

But the former world number four wouldn’t have recovered from her second shot less well as she made a 2-0 lead in the second set, certainly annoyed by the fact that he was left to serve by surrendering the sixth ball from the break from an endless game. Clara Borrell in the final will find the winner of the match between Zidansek and Zafiska.